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recent happenings...

The past few weeks have been exciting and tiring at the same time. On a national day long weekend, I went on a short getaway with my colleagues to sydney. its good and refreshing to step out of the bustling singapore and lapse into this slower pace of life. my fav part of the trip was the trip up to blue mountains. awesome scenery..

Apart from that little getaway, the rest has been quite mundane. I have been starting to run longer distances. aim in to clock in 7 km the next time i run to prepare for my upcoming 10 K runs. 

Taking a little breather today and not really doing any school work. Instead, i am happily doing my nails, reading books and magazines and hanging around with my mum. i guess i appreciate such time off for myself. really cant wait for the upcoming september holidays, thats two weeks away! =) 

on a side note. i think my mac is dying too! the longest time it took to boot up was half an hours. faints. i wouldnt be getting a mac if the boot time takes as long or longer than a windows computer. =( i finally backup all my files and thinking of sending in to the apple center. I hope i wont have to spend too much money on this! 


am i thinking too much?
having wishful thinking? 
doing too much for xxx?
hating this feeling....
what should i do next? 


something slowly creeping into my heart
Is this for real? or is this something imaginary? 
only time will tell....

mentally tired

this is how i am feeling now. the body feels wide awake but the brain refuses to budge. its the last two weeks just before practicum and I am feeling the heat of things. assignment deadlines, presentations, meeting with staffs of the new school. in addition, i have committed to two concerts. one on the 19th of feb and the other in march. i wonder whether i am doing myself a favour or digging my own grave. i guess we shall see at the end of march to see if i am still alive. 

feeling abit sad these few days. and i wonder why. past memories has been flooding my mind especially in my dreams. =( a few days ago, j came to talk to me again. the feeling of dislike came back all over again. i really dont like being judged in that manner and whatever i do is my own business. i really dont think you have the right to tell me what i should do. i am glad that i made the decision 8 months ago and did not regret my choice at all. 
for the last time as a student 

wed - thurs - nothing much except bumming around and having rehearsals at night with OMM 
fri - OMM concert =) 
sat - teaching in the morning before baking with joyce, zel and yk! 
sunday - outing with meppers 
mon - start of school

Last post of 2011

*munching on ba kwa* haha..mum bought bak kwa for the chinese new year. me being the greedy me started eating on them already. 
anyway, this is going to be my last post of the year. zel was asking me if i was excited for the new year? i said..not really. its more of starting a new chapter of being a teacher that is exciting i guess. but i do look forward for whatever anything that comes ahead in 2012. its going to be exciting with many different things coming up. concerts, teaching and all. 

i would like to thank all of my friends again for being such wonderful people and for making 2011 such an awesome and wonderful year. no doubt it has been a tough year with fyp and me adjusting to new life in nie. and with some other bugging stuff. but i am glad everything is resolved by one way or another. thanks to csxz for being such great friends. i do miss those times that we hang out together in ac just before the exams. and our random shopping trips to all parts of orchard. 

i would like to wish everybody a happy new year and a blessed year ahead. stay healthy and happy! =) 


a rather fruitful day. started with me heading to grandpa's place for a visit. brought my camera along to take some photos. then had oboe lesson at yuhua secondary school cause teacher was there for sectionals. i think the band is having some camp which is why their sectionals take place on a sunday. head to zy house to jam. sightread many pieces. havent done this in a long time. kind of forgotten how much i enjoy such sessions. we then went to pasir panjang food center for yummy food. ate satay, chicken wings, sting ray , rojak, carrot cake. so much food for 10 bucks person. we were commenting that with that price, we cant get satisfying food at places like manhattan fish market and so on... we went for an after dinner walk at this place called keppel island. you guys should go there if you have the chance. there is a park on that island and its rather quiet with hardly anybody around. 


1) was at the post office just now to send a package. paid like 90 over dollars to sent that package back to USA. its rented music for the orchestra concert 2 days before. arghh realised that music is indeed an expensive hobby. 
2) should stop being a bum and looking forward to naps on days like this. (free day i mean) i need to remind myself that i have loads to complete and school is not over yet.
3) i hate maths. rawr..if not for the math exams on sat i wouldnt be flipping through textbooks again and memorising formulas. 
4) found some new chinese songs that i love. shall post the link up here soon! 
5) i need to exercise. time to burn some fats.
6) glee is making life less miserable. watching episodes in between study periods is therapeutic. 

one less worry

had the alumni concert yesterday. apart from being drenched in the rain from running from the carpark to the concert hall, everything else went fine. am thankful that this concert was performed quite well. a few days ago i was still worried that we might not pull through due to several factors and i was terribly upset with the management. but everything has ended well so thats one less worry. 

up next are 2 assignments and one maths exams. then i will have syo concert in dec 7th before i can enjoy my holidays in taiwan. looking forward to it.  =) 

rainy night

today is real happy day. thats cause i spent again buying stuff from an accessories shop from clementi mall. the shop is named Helen and they mainly sell hair accesories with some earrings and necklaces. so they were having this buy 2 get one free promotion. so i saw 2 gorgeous necklaces. one with an owl pendant and the other with a crystal bear pendant. then i saw a pair of owl earrings also. so i bought them also. in addition got one bangle and another hair clip to match up the prices of the buy 2 get 1 free. then got a pair of sketchers flats to replaced by ecco flats which is quite torn and tattered. 

painted my nails a dark purple just now. wheee. feeling so free nowadays i keep find things that i can occupy myself with. 

i cant believe there are such evil people around my block. my neighbour had 4 cats placed in a cage outside cause she is living with a relative who doesnt like cats.its a temporary arrangement cause she is waiting for her flat to be ready. she even got the cats steriilised and kept the cages very clean all the time. a few weeks ago, one of the cats died. we thought it was just a complication from sterilisation. however, the rest of the 3 died slowly one after another. apparently, it seemed like someone had poison all of them as vet has found traces of poison in their blood stream and it was too late to save them. very depressed right now.

another depressing thing is its 2 weeks to alumni concert and i dont see any improvement in the commitment of the members to come for rehearsals. soloist has expressed her concerns.  conductor is getting worried too. arghhhh how how how....